While serving his four-year term, the Mayor presides at all meetings of the City Council and has a voice and vote in its proceedings. He fills vacancies occurring in the Board of Education. All bonds, notes, contracts and written obligations of the City are executed on its behalf by the Mayor. The Mayor performs such other duties as the Council may prescribe and are prescribed in the Administrative Code. Additionally, the Mayor performs such ceremonial functions as are allocated to persons holding the title of “Mayor,” as such is known generally in New Jersey law.

Mayor Andy Simpson has been a lifelong resident of the City of Brigantine.  He attended Brigantine Schools, was a Brigantine Rams football player and Brigantine Lions little league player as well as a Brigantine Lifeguard.  Andy and his wife, Linda, raised their three children, Andrew, Meggan and Katie, in Brigantine.  Andy’s grandchildren are now growing up on our Island as well.

Andy started his business career by purchasing a jitney soon out of high school and a local gas/service station soon after that.  His career grew into owning and operating multiple gas stations and auto repair facilities in South Jersey and was once recognized by USA Today as one of the Top 10 Shell Dealers in the United States.  He expanded his business to include construction and real estate investments.  Andy is currently the co-owner of Bootleggers Liquor Store in Northfield, NJ.

Mayor Simpson serves on numerous municipal boards including:  the Brigantine Planning Board, Brigantine Economic Development Committee, Brigantine Golf Course Committee, past President of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce and the past President of the Brigantine Lions Club.

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